Why you Shouldn’t let Google (maps) Choose your Mechanic or Collision Center

We love using Alexa, Siri, and Google for all kinds of things like helping us find directions to stores, restaurants, and liquor stores just to name a few.

The question we pose: Is it the best option to look for a mechanic and collision center? We don‘t think so!

We all know the feeling of relief when tax time comes around and your confidence is in your trusted accountant. Or the time you needed a lawyer for a situation and you had a trusted attorney on your roster. Needing to look for an attourney when you have one in the family, or the family general practitioner that knows the history and health background of everyone in your family.

Having a trusting family mechanic and collision center is just as important to give you piece of mind to make sure there are no shortcuts being exercises on the parts being ordered to repair or maintain your vehicle. Then there is workmanship, family values, communication and customer service which we believe we excel.

Enough a out us. Give us a call now, send us an email or chat with us through your favorite portal so we can get to know you and your car care needs and become the one stop shop for all your auto care needs.


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