3 of 4 DIY's You Should Avoid: A/C Re-Fill

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Air Conditioning re-fill? STOP right there!

Hey Miami, in this post our goal is to help you understand in just two easy steps, why it is best to take your car to your trusted mechanic when you encounter any type of “Freon” magic re-fill situation.

Problem: We have been mistakenly assuming that we can fix- repair our AC issues by figuratively putting a band-aide on a wound that won’t stop bleeding. Our lack of knowledge and nearsightedness can spell major issues down the road, costing you hundreds of dollars of unnecessary repairs, all at the expense of (yours truly) Mr. Convenience 😉

Buying a can of refrigerant (Freon) from your local auto-parts store and pumping it into the AC system is not the cure. Let us explain why:

#1 The air conditioning system in your car is a sealed system, which means that if you need Freon, something is leaking. Re-filling the system without fixing the problem is a band-aid or duck tape way to your solution.

#2: If you don't have the right amount of refrigerant oil in the system, adding refrigerant and no oil over a period of time can potentially damage your a/c compressor. Okay fine, I’ll just put “STOP LEAK” in it right? That’ll take care of the leak. Wrong! That is one of the worst things you can do. What “stops” the leak actually contaminates your a/c system, creating clogs. Instead of fixing your issue, now you have to spend more money on flushing the system and possibly replacing a condenser, plus whatever was the original cause of the leak.


Solution: If you need to fix your auto’s cool, our recommendation is to leave the job to the professionals. Hope this helps and next time you have the AC not cooling, be sure to contact your local trusted independent and certified car repair shop.

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